Tuesday, January 13, 2015

NEW PRICE: 7-Eleven | 10-Yr NNN Lease | Haltom City, TX (DFW)

Investment Highlights

Price: $2,118,000

  • Property: 2,600 SF building on 0.65 acre site
  • Tenant: Lessee: 7-Eleven, Inc. Operates in 16 countries and employs over 39,000 people. Founded in 1927 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Reported $15.1 billion in revenues in 2009. S&P Rated AA-. Largest chain store operator worldwide with over 45,900 locations.
  • Lease Structure: 10-year, corporate, NNN lease with 9-Years remaining and 10% rent increases every 5 years during option periods. Landlord responsible for foundation & structure only. 

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

QuikTrip | NNN Corporate Lease | 10 Yrs. Remaining | Dallas MSA

Investment Highlights

Price: $4,605,000 - Cap Rate: 5.75%

♦ Absolute Triple Net (NNN) Corporate Lease With QuikTrip
♦ 10 Years Remaining on the Lease with Seven, Five Year Options
♦ Average Household Income in Excess of $105K in a 3-Mile Radius
♦ Densely Populated Dallas MSA - 103,000 Residents within a 5-Mile Radius
♦ QuikTrip Has Over 680 Locations With Revenues in Excess of $10 Billion 
♦ Prime Location off of 1-35E - 129,000 Cars Per Day
♦ Potential for Accelerated Depreciation

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McDonald's - New 20 year NNN Ground Lease | 2014 Construction

Investment Highlights

Price: $1,625,000 - Cap Rate: 4.00%

♦ New Construction with Double Drive-Thru
♦ Absolute Triple-Net (NNN) Corporate Ground Lease with 20 Years Remaining
♦ 10% Rent Increases Every 5 Years
♦ Adjacent to Center Anchored by Sam’s Club and Walmart
♦ Surrounded by National Retailers
♦ Opened on December 17, 2014

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Brand New Family Dollar Store

Investment Highlights

Price: $1,246,700 - Cap Rate: 7.5%

  • The property is 100% leased to Family Dollar Stores of South Carolina, Inc.
  • Brand New Relocation Store. Ideal demographics for a dollar store and proven successful location.
  • Building is a newer, larger prototype for Family Dollar (9,200 SF).
  • Brand New Ten (10) Year Lease Term that commenced in August 2014
  • Six (6), Five (5) Year Renewal Options with 10% increases in each option period.

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AVAILABLE | Walgreens - Absolute NNN Lease | Top Performing Sales | Rare Location

Investment Highlights

  • Strong Corp Lease (Fee) by Walgreens Co. (NYSE: WAG) – Investment Grade Tenant
  • Coupon Clipper - Absolute NNN Lease with 64+ Years Remaining 14+ Yrs. on Initial Term
  • Top-Tier Location - High Performance Store - Reported Sales over $13M - Proven Site - Very Low Downside Risk
  • Rare Opportunity - Low Turnover Rate Historically Highest Barrier to Entry in the U.S.
  • Tremendous Concentration of Wealth - Highest Population Densities in U.S.
  • Investment Grade - S&P BBB, Moody’s Baa1- Bondable Leases - Market Cap $60B
  • Delivered Free & Clear of Debt - Zero Management Duties 
  • #37 Fortune 500 List 2014 - #177 Forbes List 2014

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AVAILABLE: Rite Aid Pharmacy | Roseville, CA | Strong Demographics & Growing Area | 10% Increases

Investment Highlights

Price: $6,500,000 - Cap Rate: 5.65%

Low Rent per Square Foot - Rite Aid’s rental rate—at less than $12.00 per square foot—represents one of the lowest rental rates among recently sold and on the market Rite Aid properties. California Rite Aid properties (both on the market and recently sold) had rental rates ranging from $13.45 to $25.19. 
Quality Real Estate with Great Tenant Mix - The prime location within the Brickyard shopping center reduces the likelihood of an extended vacancy period if Rite Aid decides not to exercise its renewal option. The well-known tenant mix adds to shopping center traffic and will attract potential new tenants.
Low Price per Square Foot - A sale at a 5.75% cap rate represents a price per square foot of $203, which can be easily justified when compared to other Rite Aid properties on the market. 
Strong Demographics & Growing Neighborhood- The high average household income ($81,000 +) in the 3 mile radius of the Property, combined with a population in the 3 mile radius approaching 100,000, create excellent demographics. In addition, 30,000 to 40,000 new homes are planned in the area, which could add 120,000 new residents to the city.

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Absolute NNN Walgreens | 6% Cap Rate | 15+ years remaining | 24 hour store | Income Tax Free State

Investment Highlights

Price: $6,325,000 - Cap Rate: 6.00%

  • 25 year absolute net lease
    • 15+ years remaining 
  • 24 Hour Walgreens
  • High traffic, hard corner location on major retail corridor
  • Tennessee has no state income tax on rental income

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New Tractor Supply in Southern CA

Investment Highlights

Price: $5,000,000

  • Long-Term Net Lease
  • National Tenant with a Net Worth over $1.2 Billion
    • Operates over 1,300 Stores in 48 States
    • 2013 Revenue over $5.2 Billion
  • Brand New 2014 Construction
  • Directly Off Highway 58 with Excellent Visibility 
    • 30,000 AADT 

Additional Tags:
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Jack in the Box - East Village, Gas Lamp Quarter San Diego CA

Investment Highlights

  • One of a Kind Property
  • Adjacent to Orange/Blue Line Metro Hub
  • Located on Edge of San Diego's Famous Gas Lamp Quarter
  • Infill Downtown East Village San Diego
  • Affluent and Highly Congested/Traffick'd Urban Environment
  • 1-Block From 5-Freeway On Ramp
  • Corporate Guaranteed Lease

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New Florida Industrial – Credit Tenant – Long Term Lease

Investment Highlights

FedEx Ground Distribution Facility
Tallahassee, Florida - 124,600 sq. ft.

  • Price: $15,540,000
  • New 10-Year Lease Term
  • Concrete Tilt-Up Construction
  • Office Park Location Next to Interstate 10
  • Diversified economy with State Capital, Florida State campus, National Magnetic Lab and more

Additional Tags:
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Industrial – Credit Tenant – Long Term Lease – State Capital Location

Investment Highlights

FedEx Ground Distribution Facility 
Whitehall, Ohio (Columbus) - 276,787 sq. ft.

  • Price: $30,066,000 - Cap Rate: 6.50%
  • 10 Year Remaining Lease Term
  • Diversified economy with State Capital, Ohio State campus, Four Fortune 500 HQs, and more
  • Airport Location
  • 4.4% Unemployment Rate

Additional Tags:
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Under Construction: New 15-Year NNN California Dollar General

Dollar General

New 15-Year NNN

Price: $2,250,000 - Cap: 6.00%

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Taco Bell - Lease to Commence Upon COE - 20 Year NNN Ground Lease

Investment Highlights

Price: $1,684,210
  • New 20 Year NNN Ground Lease to Commence Upon Close of Escrow
  • Strong Texas Taco Bell Operator
  • Out Pad to a Home Depot Anchored Center
  • In Heart of Over 1,000,000 Square Feet of Destination Retail
  • Densely Populated In Fill Region of Dallas, Texas 
  • Renovation of Site to be Completed on or Before December 2015
  • Above is Rendering of Renovation
  • Site Offers a Drive Thru  

Additional Tags:
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Now Calling for Offers on Grocery Portfolio Investment - CA & OR - Absolute NNN Master Lease

Investment Highlights

  • Absolute NNN investment
  • One corporate master lease covering all four sites
  • Strong sales performance by unit; includes very high performing store in Sonoma County
  • Low price per SF basis; well below replacement cost
  • Initial term expires 9/30/2023
  • 5% rent increases every five years
  • Four 5-year options with 5% firm increases
  • High barrier to entry markets
  • Operator has strong brand value in their markets

Additional Tags:
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Asheville, NC Vitamin Shoppe and America's Best NNN

Investment Highlights

Price: $2,999,259 - CAP: 6.75%

Property Highlights:
  • Asheville is largest city in Western NC
  • Tunnel Rd known as the #1 retail corridor in Western NC
  • Corporate guaranteed
  • Rent increases every Five Years
  • America's Best new 10 Year Lease
  • Vitamin Shoppe 7 years remaining on initial Lease
  • 1/2 mile from Asheville Mall with Belk, Dillards and JC Penney

Property Description:

6,638 SF building constructed in 2012 located on Tunnel Rd
100% occupied by Vitamin Shoppe and America's Best
Long term lease in place with Fairway Advertising for Billboard on property 

Additional Tags: 
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NNN Tires Plus in Woodbury & Burnsville, MN

Investment Highlights:

Price: $1,825,000 - Cap Rate: 6.25%

- Triple Net Lease to Bridgestone RetailOperations, LLC.

-The Tenant operates 2,200 company owned tire stores nationwide. 

-Long Lease Term | Expiration July 22, 2026.

- 10% rent increase in 2021.

-The Property is in one of the top retail trade areas in the Twin Cities.

Investment Highlights:

Price: $2,210,000 - Cap Rate: 6.25%

- Triple Net Lease to Bridgestone RetailOperations, LLC.

- The Tenant operates 2,200 company owned tire stores nationwide. 

-Long Lease Term | Expiring December 11, 2025.

- 10% rent increase in 2020.

-Excellent retail location in the Burnsville Regional Mall Trade Area.

Additional Tags:
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Net Leased Single Tenant Office Building | S&P: AA+ Tenant | Charlotte, NC

Investment Highlights

Price: $11,600,000 - Cap Rate: 6.50%

  • Investment Grade Tenant - The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Hospital Authority has a strong financial balance sheet, carrying an investment grade credit rating (Standard & Poors: AA+).

  • Market Dominant Health System - Carolinas HealthCare System's acute care facilities account for almost $11 billion in annual patient revenue in the Charlotte MSA.

  • Annual Rental Increases - 2.5% annual rental increases throughout the initial lease term.

  • Significant Recent Investment in Improvements - Over $3 million has been invested by current ownership in the facility and parking expansion. Additionally, another $15 per square foot in tenant improvements was completed in 2014.

  • Long-Term Lease - The subject property has 9.75 years left on the original lease along with two, five year options to extend the lease.

  • Strong Trade Area - The subject property is well-located just off Interstate 77 and boasts very strong demographics - double digit growth rates in a 1, 3, and 5 mile radius. There is a strong corporate tenant mix in the area, which includes Microsoft, Time Warner Cable and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

  • Below Market Rent - Base rent in the subject property is $11/SF Net. Rent for similar properties in the surrounding area averages $20/SF gross.

Additional Tags:
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Rare 25 Year New Construction Walgreens

Investment Highlights

Price: $6,304,000
  • New Construction - Opened November 2014
  • Rare 25 Year NNN Lease - No Landlord Obligations
  • Located at Signalized Intersection Across From Super WalMart
  • Forbes Magazine Ranked Baker, LA One of the Best Places to Live (2005)
  • Above Flood Plane - Above Sea Level Elevation
  • Family Oriented Suburb of Baton Rouge
  • Long Term Lease With Strong Return For Passive Investor

Additional Tags:
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Net Lease Offering :: 14.5 Year Absolute NNN WALGREENS :: Above Average Sales :: New England Location

Investment Highlights

Price: $6,275,000 - CAP: 5.65%

Investment-Grade Guarantor: Walgreen Co. (NYSE: WAG, S&P: BBB), together with its subsidiaries, operates 8,681 stores (as of October 2013) across 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The company produced total revenues of more than $74.1 billion, an EBITDA of $4.9 billion, and net income of $2.7 billion as of LTM February 2014.

Long-Term Absolute NNN Investment: 14.5+ years of primary lease term remaining; ten 5-year renewal options–no landlord responsibilities 

Proven Location: Strong annual store level sales. This Walgreens reports sales well over the national average for Walgreens

Market: Willimantic, included within Windham County (Population: 117,000 people), is a suburban community with a population of more than 17,000 people. The village is centrally located between Hartford, Connecticut (25 miles) and Providence, Rhode Island (45 miles)

Hard Corner Intersection: Ideally positioned on a hard corner at the signalized intersection of West Avenue and Main Street (Traffic Count: 20,600 VPD), which serves as the area’s preeminent artery and retail corridor

Strategic Location: Positioned less than 1 mile from the 144-bed Windham Hospital, Windham County’s primary acute-care community hospital that has a 19-town service area and employs more than 800 people, and East Connecticut State University, the third-oldest public university in the United States with an enrollment of more than 5,500 students

Substantial Commercial Corridor: More than 1.5 MSF of retail and 2,100 multi-family units within a 3-mile radius; major retailers in the immediate area include BJ's Wholesale Club, Stop & Shop, PriceRite, Bank of America, Family Dollar, Rent-A-Center, Sally Beauty Supply, UPS, Subway, Valero, Burger King, McDonald’s, Dollar Tree, Autozone, Taco Bell, KFC, Stop & Shop Gas, Dunkin’ Donuts, AT&T, CVS, Dairy Queen, Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep

Dynamic Demographics: 3-mile AHI and population of 25,806 and $62,654, respectively

Additional Tags:
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BMO Harris Bank | 6.1% Cap | Plymouth, WI | Standard & Poor's A+

Investment Highlights

Price: $667,000 - Cap Rate: 6.1%

  • New 10-Year NNN Lease
  • 2% Annual Rent Increases 
  • Eight 5-Year Renewal Options
  • Investment Grade Tenant (S&P A+)
  • No Landlord Responsibilities
  • Huge Lot: Approximately 1.8 Acres
  • Close Proximity to Major Retailers

Additional Tags:
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New 15 Year Chick-fil-A NNN Ground Lease - 2014 High Quality Construction - Tacoma, WA

Investment Highlights

Price: $3,000,000 - CAP: 4.00%

  • New 15 Year Absolute NNN Ground Lease
  • 100% Fee Simple Interest 
  • Zero Landlord Obligations
  • Scheduled 10% Increases in Rent
  • Major Retail Trade Area
  • New 2014 High Quality Improvements 
  • Income Tax Free State

Additional Tags:
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Monday, January 5, 2015

Chase Bank with Strong Deposits in Bay Area

Investment Highlights

Price: $6,250,000 - CAP Rate: 4.00%

  • Rare Bay Area JP Morgan Chase Corporate Lease
    • Absolute NNN
    • Investment Grade Rated "A" by S&P
  • Strong Bank Deposits at $107 Million 
  • Nearby Banks also with High Deposits 
    • Mechanics Bank: $285M
    • Bank of America: $96M
  • Long-standing Location with Tenant Exercising 2nd Option
  • Located less than 1 Mile from Interstate 80
    • 225,000 AADT
    • Over 128,000 People within a 3 Mile Radius

Additional Tags:
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Price Reduction - 9% CAP - Long Term NNN Lone Star Steakhouse - Annual 2% Increases in Rent

Investment Highlights

Price: $2,989,133 - CAP: 9.00%

  • Long Term Corporate-Backed Absolute NNN Lease
  • Zero Landlord Responsibilities 
  • 2% Annual Rent Increases
  • Located in a Major Retail Trade Area at Entrance of 3rd Largest Cabela's in the Country 
  • Additional Location Also Available

Additional Tags:
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Absolute NNN Corporate Ground Lease Available :: Smokey Bones :: Across from 182,817-SF Lifestyle Center :: Affluent Atlanta MSA :: Strong Sales

Investment Highlights

Price: $3,143,000 - CAP: 5.25%

  • Tenant: Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill, owned by Barbeque Integrated, Inc.—an affiliate of Sun Capital Partners Inc.—currently operates 66 restaurants in 17 eastern states

  • Absolute NNN Ground Lease: No landlord responsibilities

  • Recently Extended Lease: Smokey Bones extended the lease to an 11-year term in July 2014, signalizing their long-term commitment to this location

  • Rent Escalations: 10% rent increases in Year 7 and in each of the two remaining 5-year option periods

  • Excellent Access and Visibility: Situated on an oversized, signalized hard corner parcel with frontage on US-54, the area’s major east-west thoroughfare (42,410 VPD)

  • Outparcel Location: Outparcel to a shopping center anchored by Staples and occupied by IHOP, Longhorn Steakhouse, Chili’s, Pike Nurseries, Ethan Allen and Taco Mac among others

  • Dominant Retail Corridor: Over 3 MSF of retail within a 3-mile radius—other major retailers with a presence in the immediate area include: Walmart Supercenter, The Home Depot, Sam’s Club, Best Buy, Kmart, PetSmart, Kroger, Target and The Fresh Market

  • The Avenue | Peachtree City Advantage: Directly across from and shares an intersection with the 182,817-SF The Avenue | Peachtree City Lifestyle Center which is occupied by Gap, Rack Room Shoes, American Eagle, Books-A-Million, Banana Republic and Victoria’s Secret among others (currently 98% leased)

  • Dynamic Demographics: Located in the “Heart of Peachtree City”, which is an upscale suburban community (3-mile AHHI: $99,597) located approximately 30 miles south of Atlanta’s Central Business District

Additional Tags:
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$1.12M NNN Dollar General in Wisconsin w/ Low Rent PSF

Investment Highlights

Price: $1,127,200 - CAP Rate: 6.75%

  • 15 Year NNN lease with low rent psf.
  • Five 50year renewal options with 10% increases 
  • Investment grade tenant with BBB - S&P Rating
  • Only Dollar Store in town with no competition

Additional Tags:
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